New UK mammal biodiversity stamps launched!

Hopefully you have all seen the news release about Royal Mail’s new UK Biodiversity stamps (and you’ll see them on your post). Surely Charles Darwin as a backyard biologist would approve, especailly in 2010 Year of Biodiversity,  of the beautiful new photographic stamps about rare British mammals. You can see them on the Royal mail website or at the execllent zoo blog 

Stephen Woollard and Sandie Robb at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo commented: “We are particularly pleased to see the Scottish wildcat as one of the featured animals and the launch of this stamp took place at our RZSS Highland Wildlife Park, as we are one of the partners of the Cairngorm Wildcat Project.”

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2 Responses to “New UK mammal biodiversity stamps launched!”

  1. Susan Earth Says:

    The stamps are nice but do you think they will make people care about biodiversity or they will just want to see pictures of cute animals.

    • darwin200stampzoo Says:

      I understand what you say , beautiful as they are, I do prefer revolting close up pictures of bugs (based on my animal section at the zoo).
      To be fair to the Royal Mail, the mammals set feature mammals mainly not because they are cute (which helps) but because they are the latest set in a long running series of animal stamps the Royal Mail have been working on covering insects, birds, Darwin and biodiversity.
      Every event like this and our stamp book launch, the launch at RZSS focussing on The Highland Tiger (Scottish wildcat), Sandie Robb’s stamp events at RZSS Edimburgh Zoo etc is a chance to publicise biodiversity espacially this year in International Year of Biodiversity

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