Other collectable items

Collecting is a great hobby. It inspires the desire to find out more about the item which is collected, leading the collector to investigate and research.

Charles Darwin, May 31st 1876 – Recollections of the Development of my Mind and Character:

“By the time I went to this day-school my taste for natural history, and more especially for collecting, was well developed. I tried to make out the names of plants and collected all sorts of things, shells, seals, franks, coins and minerals. The passion for collecting, which leads a man to be a systematic naturalist, a virtuoso or a miser, was very strong in me, and was clearly innate, as none of my sisters or brother ever had this taste.”

Sandie Robb – “I challenged myself to see how many other items I could collect that are related to the time in which Charles Darwin lived.”

Darwin was born in 1809 and died in 1882. These are the coins I have managed to collect:

From left to right:

1d (1 old penny), Queen Victoria, 1882 (front and back); 1/4d (farthing), Queen Victoria, 1858, 4d, Queen Victoria, 1855; 1/4d (farthing), George III, 1806.

The farthing from 1806, is dated 3 years before Darwin was born but George III reigned until 1820, so the same coin would have been in use during the early years of Darwin’s life.

Teaching tip:

Who reigned during the lifetime of Charles Darwin?

What other historical events were happening at the time?

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